Barone Defense Firm to Present ABCs of DUI Expungement Lawyer Training Seminar

On February 4, 2022, Michigan DUI Lawyers Ryan Ramsayer and Michael Boyle will present The ABC’s of OWI Expungement. The seminar his hosted by the Michigan Association of OWI Lawyers and will be presented via zoom. The cost to attend this seminar is $75.00 and is open to all lawyers wishing to learn about Michigan’s new DUI expungement law.

The seminar will be led by Barone Defense Firm senior associate Ryan Ramsayer and will be moderated by Michael Boyle, who is a partner at the Firm.  Mr. Boyle is also a is a Board member with the seminar’s host, the Michigan Association of OWI Lawyers.

Michigan’s new DUI expungement has an effective date of February 19th, and this will allow most people convicted of a first offense drunk driving offense to request that their conviction be expunged. It is expected that winning expungement in many courts will be a daunting prospect, and not one that should be undertaken without significant knowledge of the law combined with thorough and informed preparation together with a deft courtroom presentation. Mr. Ramsayer will be covering all these topics, and more, at the OWI expungement seminar.

At the seminar Ramsayer will cover all of the following topics:

In his lecture Mr. Ramsayer will be providing step-by-step instructions that will allow Michigan DUI Lawyers to learn how to successfully prepare, submit, and win an OWI expungement for their clients.

Ryan Ramsayer is the co-author of Lawyer’s Guide to Michigan’s First Offense OWI Expungement Law. He has been practicing law for more than a decade, and during that time he has focused his practice on the zealous defense of Barone Defense Firm clients accused drunk driving. During this time, he has distinguished himself in the courtroom and has a history of winning impressive victories for his clients. He was also on the cutting edge of the litigation involving the fraud discovered in the Michigan State Police DataMaster maintenance program. Mr. Ramsayer is also an expert in firearms law.

The seminar’s moderator, Michael Boyle, is in his third decade of practice, and like Mr. Ramsayer, during this time, he has focused on the defense of allegedly intoxicated drivers. Mr. Boyle is also an expert in gas chromatography, which is the method used by the Michigan State Police’s Toxicology Lab when testing blood for drugs and alcohol. He has significant expertise in defending drivers with THC in their system, as well as in defending allegations of criminal sexual conduct. Mr. Boyle has an extraordinary string of courtroom victories spanning over more than two decades.

The Michigan Association of OWI Lawyers was founded by a group of dedicated OWI defense lawyers, including Patrick Barone, who is a past-president with the organization. The purpose of MIAOWIA is to provide training to Michigan lawyers that will allow them to learn how to win a DUI case in court.

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