Michigan Compliance Lawyer Orosia Adams Joins the Barone Defense Firm

The Barone Defense Firm is pleased to announce that Orosia Adams has joined the Barone Defense Firm team!  Orosia is an accomplished and skilled lawyer with comprehensive experience in providing legal guidance to businesses and the individuals who own and run them.  Ms. Adams will be assisting the Firm in expanding their cannabis law practice, as well as developing related practice areas: cybersecurity and tax compliance.

Patrick Barone, the Firm’s founding partner and CEO, is enthusiastic about Ms. Adams’ role with the Barone Defense Firm, and said:

“Since its founding, the Barone Defense Firm has primarily focused on criminal defense litigation in Michigan’s state and federal Courts. Ms. Adams allows us to better serve our clients in other areas of law, including regulatory compliance and enforcement. She possesses broad industry knowledge and a unique set of skills and experiences and having her of counsel to the Firm will allow us to better serve future and existing clients.

Ms. Adams has focused her 20+ years of professional practice on the various aspects of what is broadly called “regulatory compliance law.” In this capacity Ms. Adams assists clients in understanding the various and often complex state, federal (and where applicable) international laws that may apply to their businesses.  She then assists them in designing and implementing business processes and strategies to assure compliance with these laws. She also assists her business clients in creating policies and procedures to assure that the business continues to deliver its goods and services within the regulatory framework of these laws.  Additionally, Ms. Adams helps produce monitoring programs that help her clients, and their businesses, avoid sanctions for compliance irregularities.

Prior to joining the Barone Defense Firm, Ms. Adams gained decades of experience representing clients in a variety of matters including Privacy and Cybersecurity and most recently the Cannabis Industry. She advised clients on both a national and international basis, including proactive compliance, licensing, incident response strategies and management, and defense of regulatory enforcement actions.  As a lawyer, business consultant, and financial analyst she helps business and individual clients make sense of their regulatory environment and move forward with confidence.

Additionally, for those clients facing complaints or allegations of regulatory irregularities, Ms. Adams assists in the defense of regulatory enforcement actions. This includes the defense of regulatory enforcement actions prosecuted by Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), the State Agency charged with the responsibly of regulating Michigan’s cannabis industry.  Previously, Ms. Adams has worked on numerous Cybersecurity data breaches and privacy incidents where she worked closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement, forensic investigators and third-party cybersecurity vendors to offer clients efficient and effective breach response services in compliance with the numerous state, federal, international and industry-specific legal obligations.

Ms. Adams’ passion is providing business focused guidance to the exciting and emerging marijuana industry where the rules of the game are still being worked out and the industry in Michigan is largely unexplored.  Ms. Adams is excited to apply her professional experience and expertise in assisting medical and recreational marijuana businesses in developing or perfecting their business practices so that they can avoid being sanctioned for non-compliance.  Ms. Adams is ready to “roll up the sleeves” to assist her clients in all aspects of the marijuana business.  Ms. Adams will assist her marijuana-related and other business clients in protecting their digital assets through the creation and maintenance of cyber security policies, as well as tax compliance.  She approaches legal solutions with an entrepreneurial mindset and delivers well-considered, pragmatic solutions to legal and business concerns.

Orosia Adams earned her Juris Doctorate from The Wayne State University School of Law in 1998.  She earned her Masters in Business Administration from The Wayne State University School of Business in 1991, and a Bachelor in Business Administration from The University of Michigan- Dearborn in 1988.

Se habla Español, Orosia is fluent in English and Spanish and is ready to deliver legal services to The Barone Firm’s Spanish speaking clients.

She will be working primarily from the firm’s Birmingham office.

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