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Michigan DUI lawyer Patrick Barone knows Michigan DUI law and how to beat a DUI.


We are often asked this question; how do I find a top-rated DUI lawyers in Michigan? We always answer this question the same way – there is only one way to find a top rated Michigan DUI lawyer, and that is by finding one who has honestly and objectively developed the reputation.  And there’s only one way to do that, and that one way is the hard way. The best Michigan DUI attorneys have earned it. It’s easy for a lawyer to post on a website  “best DUI lawyer in Michigan,” It’s quite another to spend decades doing the hard work to earn this distinction – and then to be recognized by one’s peers for having earned it.

A top-rated Michigan DUI lawyer will meet with you during a free initial consultation and go over the criminal charges you are faced with. We then develop a defense strategy to help you avoid OWI conviction penaltis like more jail time, court fines, and driver's license suspended.


So how does a DUI lawyer become recognized as one of the best? Considering the subject matter, earning the reputation requires dedication, focus and a commitment to excellence. Dedication is required due to the complexity of the subject matter. The top Michigan DUI lawyers must dedicate themselves to learning the science of infrared breath testing and gas chromatography blood testing. Most lawyers attend law school after first obtaining an undergraduate degree in a related field of study, such as political science, English or philosophy. Few lawyers have science degrees, and the old joke among lawyers is “I went to law school because I wasn’t good at math.”

A science education is helpful because DUI cases with drugs or alcohol almost always involve a chemical test of the driver’s breath blood or urine. The science behind this testing must be understood because without it a lawyer cannot adequately represent his slash her client in court. If you can’t beat the test, you can’t win the case.

In a breath test case where alcohol is involved the scientific method that is utilized by the police is called infrared spectroscopy. Where blood alcohol is tested, the test is done on a gas chromatograph, and if drugs like marijuana are involved, mass spectroscopy. To fully understand how these tests are conducted lawyers must attend many hours of specialized training. Lawyers handling these cases and earning the reputation as “best” must have the dedication and commitment necessary to obtain this training.

Additionally, the best DUI lawyers also get training in related police procedure, such as in the administration and assessment of the standardized field sobriety tests as well as training in drug recognition, the same type of training that police officers at themselves get to become proficient at investigating DUI cases. Unless the lawyer spends the time and the effort necessary to obtain this training it is not possible for them to effectively cross-examine the police officers in court. Then there’s learning the basic skill of cross-examining. Effective cross-examination is more art than skill, and developing this artistry requires even more training, from the leading trainers such as Terry McCarthy and Posner and Dodd.

In addition to training on science, and cross examination, many years of training and experience are necessary in order to understand how to effectively and persuasively present these cases to juries in the courtroom. This often also requires a great deal of additional training and might include attendance at the National Criminal Defense College in Macon GA and or Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming. This training obtaining of dozens of hours of training cross examination and related trial skills, and in the case of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College, it is an almost 4 week commitment. Gerry Spence is regarded as one of the top criminal defense lawyers of all time, and the power of his method is based on the power of psychodrama. Only the most dedicated lawyers obtain psychodrama training in addition to the trial lawyer’s training.

Unfortunately for those charged with the crime of intoxicated driving, many individuals represented by general practitioners are under served. The same may even be true of those individuals represented by excellent criminal defense attorneys because there are also many of them that don’t possess the required amount of expertise. Unfortunately, some of these lawyers believe that because they can handle other kinds of complicated cases they should be able to handle a “simple” DUI case. The truth is intoxicated driving cases are among the most difficult kind of case a lawyer will ever handle. Obtaining excellent results in court requires a tremendous level of expertise. A problem many people charged with intoxicated driving cases face is that they don’t know how to properly vet lawyers before deciding to retain them.

And this is understandable, because its so easy to “look the part” and to obtain seemly impressive credentials. Many lawyers wishing to obtain DUI clients might brag on their websites that they are listed on many “pay for play” top lawyers lists when all they did was pay a fee. There are only a small handful of legitimate lawyer rating organization, with U.S. News and World Report Super Lawyers and Leading Lawyers being a few examples.

One of the best ways to determine if a lawyer candidate is truly among Michigan’s best DUI lawyers is to look at their academic credentials.  Do they speak at seminars to train other lawyers in this subject matter? Have they written any books published by a leading legal treatise company such as James Publishing, West Law or Lexis/Nexis.

Have they published articles in a leading periodical such as the Michigan Bar Journal, the Champion Magazine published by the National Organization for Criminal Defense Attorneys, or the Criminal Defense Newsletter, published by the Michigan State Appellate Defenders Organization? Have they ever been asked to teach a course at a law school?  These things denote not only a strong level of subject matter expertise, but also a dedication to the profession itself. One does not obtain these distinctions without developing the appropriate reputation for expertise among one’s peers, meaning other lawyers.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Barone Defense Firm have accomplished collectively or independently all of these credentials and this is why they are proud to have earned the reputation as the best.  If you’re looking for one of the best DUI lawyers in Michigan, then contact the Barone Defense Firm and ask to speak with one of our lawyers about your case.  We are confident that it won’t take long for you to recognize and understand why our reputation extends not just throughout Michigan, but throughout the United States.

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