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Plymouth DUI Drug Lawyer

Whether an individual is under the influence of prescription medications or illegal drugs and controlled substances, they could face serious criminal charges if they get behind the wheel of a car. Penalties vary depending on the specific offense, but all the potential consequences for these offenses can be severe. When facing any of these charges, consulting with a Plymouth DUI drug lawyer may be wise.

Facing DUI drug charges can be stressful and worrisome as you contemplate the penalties that you may suffer. A seasoned defense lawyer could be instrumental in fighting DUI drug charges.

DUI Drug Laws in Plymouth

First, Mich. Comp. Laws § 257.625(1) establishes the crime of operating while intoxicated (OWI), which occurs when persons drive while impaired by any substance. This section explicitly defines intoxicants as including any type of substance that might alter a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle safely, as well. This includes both recreational and medical marijuana, and many very common prescription drugs, such as Ambien, Zoloft, and Xanax.

Any amount of an illegal drug in a driver’s body could lead to criminal charges for driving under the influence as well as potential charges for the use of the substance itself. If law enforcement is unable to get full chemical evidence of driving while intoxicated by drugs, officers may charge a defendant with operating while visibly impaired (OWVI) by alcohol, drugs, or some combination of the two. Although this charge is not as serious as a regular OWI, the penalties may still be severe, especially without the help of a DUI drug lawyer in Plymouth.

Penalties for Plymouth Drug DUI Offenses

Potential penalties for drug DUI charges depend on the charge, the number of prior convictions the defendant has, and the existence of any enhancing factors. Even a first-time conviction for any of these offenses could have harsh consequences including high fines, license suspension, and incarceration.

Additional penalties could include higher motor vehicle liability insurance premiums or vehicle immobilization or forfeiture. A DUI drug conviction could have major financial implications for drivers from lost wages during incarceration to hefty fines and denial of loans due to a criminal record. A DUI drug attorney in Plymouth could explain all the effects a DUI charge might have on a person’s life.

Felony DUI Drug Charges in Plymouth

Although DUI drug charges primarily are misdemeanor offenses, there are situations in which individuals may face felony charges. If a driver has two prior OWI convictions or they caused injury or death while in their altered state behind the wheel, they may be subject to felony charges.

Not only do felony DUI charges carry the potential for harsher penalties, but they also create a permanent criminal record that can be highly detrimental to future opportunities. A felony conviction automatically forfeits a person’s right to vote and own or use a firearm as well as impacting their ability to get housing or many jobs.

Call a Plymouth DUI Drug Attorney for Advice

The aftermath of a DUI drug conviction can be devastating, even if it is your first offense. Lengthy terms of incarceration, high fines, and losing the right to drive could impact your life, even before conviction. The most effective means of fighting back against these potential consequences is with an experienced Plymouth DUI drug lawyer. Excellence in criminal defense is being able to apply the correct defenses for each case and fighting for the best possible outcome. Call a DUI attorney today to start working on your case and protect your future.

Client Reviews
Patrick Barone is the ONLY choice for DUI defense. He was realistic from the start and made it a point to look at my case before taking my money. As a business owner, when I think of attorneys, I think of the "shark infested waters. Patrick is a shark alright, but his prey is not the client; it's justice for his client. Ten stars Patrick!! Chris F.
Attorney Patrick Barone was very helpful and helped me understand the charge and sentence absolutely clearly. He also guided me through step by step helping me form a statement. His instructions were clear and detailed. It was obvious he cared about me understanding every important detail within my case. I would absolutely recommend this defense firm to anyone in need. Aaron B.
The Barone Defense Firm is the firm I recommend. They are truly concerned about the person, not just the legal issue, but the person as well. They are the most knowledgeable defense firm that I am aware of, having actually written the book on DWI Defense. If you are faced with a DWI you will not find a more professional and skilled law firm. But, most importantly, they care about how the accused individual recovers his or her life when the case is complete. Very remarkable group of lawyers. William H.