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Holland Fraud Lawyer

The mere mention of any type of fraud conjures all sorts of negative impressions, but it is important for everyone to understand precisely what this rather broad category of behavior means in a legal sense. Fraud can include a wide range of criminal acts capable of yielding substantial sanctions and ancillary consequences.

If charges of this nature have been lodged against you, and a vigorous defense is required, a Holland fraud lawyer is standing ready to help. Contact a seasoned attorney today to get started on your case.

Fundamentals of Fraud Allegations

Fraud crimes cover offenses of varied descriptions which involve purposeful concealment or acts of deception meant to facilitate the acquisition of money, property or other items of value.

While the classification is relatively broad in nature, and many types of financial and other scenarios can be touched by this sort of conduct, there are some that occur with greater frequency than others. Commonly-charged fraud crimes in Holland include conduct such as:

  • Uttering and publishing of forged, false, counterfeit or altered financial transaction records or devices, as provided by MCL 750.248a through MCL 750.249
  • Possession of counterfeit notes, as found in MCL 750.252
  • Obtaining signatures by way of fraud, as prohibited by MCL 750.273 — 274
  • Fraudulent disposition of property or money, as discussed by MCL 750.279
  • Insurance claim fraud-related
  • Using false statements to obtain credit
  • Identity theft
  • Computer hacking/internet-related frauds
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Medicaid/Medicare fraud

Many of the above-referenced fraud offenses are prohibited by the state legislature, though others are governed by federal statute. Everyone facing a fraud charge needs and deserves a fraud lawyer in Holland if they hope to avoid or lessen the potentially onerous consequences of conviction.

Ramifications of Fraud Convictions

The Michigan legislature takes fraud-related crimes very seriously, and has therefore seen fit to provide for very serious penalties for those found guilty of committing them.

Many of the offenses listed above have been designated as felonies, carrying the possibility of lengthy terms of incarceration, restitution requirements, community service obligations and probationary supervision.

Further, the effects on community standing, employment prospects, the status of existing professional licenses, and the like can be truly crippling for offenders and their entire families.

Mounting a Defense in Fraud Cases

There is no doubt that allegations of criminal fraud must be taken very seriously by each and every defendant. Time is of the essence in formulating an effective response, marshaling evidence and fighting for acquittal, or at the very least, a reduction in charges.

The aid of forensic accountants, experienced case investigators, and other experts can play a pivotal role in building a defense, and a seasoned attorney will work collaboratively with such individuals on the defendant’s behalf.

Unyielding Advocacy for Holland Defendants

The prospect of facing a fraud charge inevitably prompts feelings of fear and confusion as well as serious questions about where to turn. Because the stakes are so high in terms of the lasting, negative effects of a conviction, there is no room for delay in developing a strong defense strategy.

If you have been or expect to be charged with an offense within this category, a Holland fraud lawyer can provide the guidance, experience, and insights so crucial to the fight that lies ahead.

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