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Wayne County

Facing a criminal charge of any description in Michigan is something each and every accused individual must take very seriously. Considering the ripple effects a conviction can bring for months and even years going forward, there is no room for delay or indecision when it comes to marshaling a defense.

In order to stand the strongest chance of avoiding punishments which can encompass monetary fines, terms of incarceration, probationary supervision and more, it is necessary to secure the services of an experienced defense attorney who will staunchly advocate for your rights. A Wayne County criminal lawyer will examine the evidence and develop a strategy designed to protect your liberty, your name and your future.

Distinctions Among Charges

The range of offenses for which individuals can be subjected to formal criminal charges in Michigan is quite substantial, including everything from arson to theft. The Michigan Penal Code serves as a comprehensive repository key definitions and penalty classifications relevant to all criminal defendants. It is possible to review whether a crime is considered to be a misdemeanor or a felony offense, a fact which is largely determined by the perceived egregiousness of the conduct.

While misdemeanor crimes are routinely perceived as less harmful to society than felonies, charges relating to them retain the ability to wreak serious havoc on the lives of those convicted of them. Potentially subjecting defendants to jail terms approaching one year and fines of up to a $1,000, such allegations can throw the lives of ordinary people into real disarray making it important that a Wayne County criminal attorney is consulted as soon as possible by those accused.

Felony Charges

As most would expect, felony charges place defendants in jeopardy of far more serious punishments, as the offenses they are meant to address are considered to be extremely damaging to society as a whole and/or their victims in particular. Because felonies come in all shapes and sizes, the legislature defines their terms and elements with great specificity so that appropriate sentences may be crafted by the courts.

Depending on the nature of the offense at issue, a convicted felon may be incarcerated for multiple years or perhaps even the remainder of their life. Crippling monetary sanctions, extended probationary supervision and other penalties stemming from guilty findings in felony cases can follow individuals for decades. As a result, it can make life extraordinarily difficult not just for the offender, but also their entire family which may face an unending struggle for financial, emotional and societal stability.

Types of Offenses

Crimes in Michigan run the gamut from those considered to be fairly minor in impact to those believed to be profoundly detrimental to the community at large. Residents of the Great Lakes State are well-advised to seek assistance from a criminal lawyer in Wayne County when facing charges relating to:

  • Drug offenses
  • Larceny
  • Homicides
  • Drug crimes
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Gun crimes
  • Vehicular crimes, including driving while intoxicated
  • Assault and battery offenses
Mounting an Effective Defense

It is easy to understand the very real anxiety that comes to the forefront when criminal charges are lodged, but the fact is that delay is never a defendant’s friend in terms of fighting back.

The state must establish all elements of a crime must be established beyond a reasonable doubt, and accused parties have an absolute right to launch an aggressive legal defense.

Whether by excluding illegally seized evidence or by exposing flaws in the prosecution’s arguments, it is often possible to achieve dismissals, reductions of charges, success at trial or perhaps a significant downward departure in applicable sentences.

Contacting an Attorney

If you or a loved one have been accused of criminal conduct, it is important to realize that knowledgeable assistance is within close reach. By contacting a Wayne County criminal lawyer with a record of achieving positive outcomes for clients, you can begin the process of preserving your freedom and reclaiming your life.

Call Today! FREE Consultation Lawyer and Receive Immediate Attention for Your Criminal Law Case Patrick T. Barone is a Michigan Super Lawyer, who has maintained continuous top attorney ratings since 2007. In addition, the Michigan native is the author of multiple books on OWI, DUI and criminal law. The OUIL attorney near me has lectured at over 80 legal seminars all over America. He leads Barone Defense Firm in providing aggressive legal warriors for each client's criminal case.

Contact us 24 hours a day at our law firm’s easy to remember toll-free number, 1-877-ALL-MICH or 877-255-6424, for a free criminal case review. The Michigan attorneys near me at Barone Defense Firm travel the entire Great Lakes State, to help citizens in legal trouble in Michigan for alleged criminal law violations.

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Client Reviews
Patrick Barone is the ONLY choice for DUI defense. He was realistic from the start and made it a point to look at my case before taking my money. As a business owner, when I think of attorneys, I think of the "shark infested waters. Patrick is a shark alright, but his prey is not the client; it's justice for his client. Ten stars Patrick!! Chris F.
Attorney Patrick Barone was very helpful and helped me understand the charge and sentence absolutely clearly. He also guided me through step by step helping me form a statement. His instructions were clear and detailed. It was obvious he cared about me understanding every important detail within my case. I would absolutely recommend this defense firm to anyone in need. Aaron B.
The Barone Defense Firm is the firm I recommend. They are truly concerned about the person, not just the legal issue, but the person as well. They are the most knowledgeable defense firm that I am aware of, having actually written the book on DWI Defense. If you are faced with a DWI you will not find a more professional and skilled law firm. But, most importantly, they care about how the accused individual recovers his or her life when the case is complete. Very remarkable group of lawyers. William H.