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CBD vs THC Medical Marijuana Cases

In light of recent studies about a drug referred to as CBD, certain controversies have broken out regarding the effectiveness of using CBD vs THC in Michigan medical marijuana cases. While some individuals believe that CBD can be a better alternative to using medical marijuana because it will prevent patients from becoming intoxicated, many current patients on THC state that the feelings of relief one experiences from CBD are very different as it is created in a lab setting.

A thorough knowledge of the pros and cons of CBD vs THC in Michigan medical marijuana cases can be useful for individuals who are medical marijuana entrepreneurs and patients alike. Read on to learn more about the differences of CBD vs THC in Michigan medical marijuana cases, as well as the ways a skilled defense attorney could help your case today.

Explaining CBD

While understanding THC in medical marijuana cases is important, it is equally important to understand what CBD is and how it works. CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive substance that does not cause someone to have an intoxicated feeling. It can be used effectively and medically to treat things like inflammation, pain, anxiety, spasms, and seizures. There are many of the ailments that medical marijuana and THC are used for. Reach out to a skilled narcotics attorney to learn more.

Political Opinions Concerning CBD

This drug is considered a controversial topic because those who are against medical marijuana point to CBD as a way to allow patients to get relief without becoming intoxicated. However, many individuals who use the substances believe that there is no substitute for using marijuana directly, as the laboratory produced CBD does not provide the same type of relief. Some also believe that even CBD should remain a controlled substance, either because it comes from marijuana or because it has not, in their opinion, been subjected to appropriate medical and/or scientific scrutiny.

Research on CBD vs THC in Michigan Medical Marijuana Cases

Both substances were studied extensively in a medical context because it is well accepted that CBD and THC can produce relief to alleviate symptoms for those with debilitating medical conditions. As a public policy determination, the question is which drug the government should allow patients with the appropriate types of debilitating conditions to use. The biggest difference between the two compounds is that CBD does not typically make a patient feel intoxicated. CBD does not have the same type of psychoactivity as THC and can counteract that aspect of the drug.

Legality Issues

Technically, CBD is as illegal as THC, although even this statement is subject to debate. Those that believe this argue that both are derived from the Schedule One substance marijuana, so the debate from is the policy perspective is which is better to legalize: THC or CBD. However, others argue that some, much, or all of the CBD comes from hemp, and not from the flowering tops of resin and leaves, and therefore, is not the illegal kind of marijuana. It is also important to consider the federal versus state aspect of these cases. It is difficult to give an absolute answer, although Michigan does appear to allow the general importation of hemp products.

Medical Conditions That CBD Treats Better Than THC

When considering CBD vs THC in Michigan medical marijuana cases, determining which substance best treats different medical conditions can be subjective. Studies would be focused on the individual's perception as to whether the substance provides relief and to what degree. It still remains a very personal determination as to which of those substances best treats the debilitating medical condition of the patient and how they can best obtain it.

If you wish to learn more about CBD vs THC in Michigan medical marijuana cases, consider reaching out to a knowledgeable drug attorney today for assistance.

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