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Cell Phone Fraud

Cell phones have become so prevalent that we rely on them to accomplish many tasks. As cell phone usage has increased, cell phone fraud has also increased. There are several different types of cell phone fraud that an individual can be accused of. If you are facing fraud charges, it is a good idea to talk to a Michigan cell phone fraud lawyer who understands the various offenses, and how to defend against the charges. The penalties for mobile phone fraud can be harsh, speak to a skilled fraud attorney today.

Violations of Michigan Laws

Obtaining a cell phone account by fraudulent means or fraudulent acts committed using a cell phone violate the Michigan Penal Code. The code prohibits using false pretenses to obtain "the use of any instrument, facility, article, or other valuable thing or service." As Michigan cell phone fraud lawyers know, violations of this statute may be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Subscriber Fraud

One type of cell phone fraud is referred to by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as subscriber fraud. This type of fraud involves signing up for mobile phone service using false identification or someone else's customer information. Essentially, a customer signs up for a phone service pretending to be someone else, and that other person then accrues the debts associated with the account. Subscriber fraud is one of the more common types of cell phone fraud cases that Michigan cell phone fraud lawyers have witnessed.

Cell Phone Cloning Fraud

All mobile phones are supposed to have a unique serial number set at the factory and a unique telephone number assigned by a carrier. When a phone is "cloned," that means someone copied the serial number and telephone number of a subscriber's phone and reprogrammed a different phone to transmit that identifying information. When the duplicate phone is used, the calls are billed to the party registered with that serial number and telephone number combination.

Penalties for Cell Phone Cloning Fraud

Most cloning penalties include fines as well as prison sentences with a maximum of 10 to 20 years. The severity of the penalty that an individual receives depends entirely on the value of the property involved if the defendant has prior convictions, and the circumstances surrounding the offense.

Contacting a Michigan Cell Phone Fraud Attorney

Advances in technology make it easier than ever to monitor radio wave transmissions from cell phones to capture serial and phone number data and to clone devices. Technology also makes it easier to gain personal information that can be used to establish a fraudulent cell phone account. While cell phone offenses may be more common than in the past, it still may be difficult to find an attorney who understands how to counter charges of cell phone fraud.

If you are facing charges involving cell phone fraud, a Michigan cell phone fraud lawyer could help you. Mobile device attorneys understand how to navigate the unique laws and penalties involved in these types of cases. Call now to learn how an attorney can be of assistance to you.

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