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Common Alcohol-Related Student Offenses

If you have questions regarding your Michigan alcohol-related offenses and their resulting consequences, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional defense attorney for help. A skilled lawyer can inform you of your rights during these situations, conduct an external investigation of the alleged events, and advocate for your best interests in court. Read on to learn more about the different types of common Michigan alcohol-related student offenses, as well as the ways a dedicated attorney could work to make a difference in your case today.

Underage Drinking

The most common Michigan alcohol-related student offenses that police officers are going to find on a college campus will include underage drinking. Although the law discourages it, it tends to be at least somewhat encouraged as a cultural phenomenon that when students go to college, they begin experimenting with alcohol usually at an age when they are not even 21 yet.

Part of this is because of the proximity of the students who are 21, and so the availability of alcohol is there with little actual adult supervision. It is usually provided by people of very similar ages who now have access to alcohol. Whether or not they are actually old enough to buy it themselves, students can still find it. It is quite open in these scenarios. Minors in possession of alcohol are going to be the most common Michigan alcohol-related student offenses on college campuses.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is another common Michigan alcohol-related student offenses. This common offense also happens to be one of the most deadly. Students may be inclined to drive out somewhere relatively far from campus to a location where alcohol consumption may be on-going. This type of environment could pressure students into excessive drinking, or make students lose track of the number of drinks they take. This ultimately leads a person to drive while they are still drunk.

A student caught drinking and driving could be charged with a first-time DUI if it was their first DUI. However, the more times a person receives a DUI, the more severe the penalties may become.

Possession vs. Consumption

Consumption of alcohol and possession of alcohol are two different types of offenses. At some point students may store it, intending to consume it in the future. In these situations regarding common Michigan alcohol-related student offenses, there is a combination of minors in possession where they have actually consumed the alcohol and minors in possession where they are just possessing it with an intent to consume it later.

The distinction between these two offenses is significant because they can result in differing penalties if given a charge by law enforcement.

Proving Alcohol Distribution to Minors

It is very difficult to prove that an individual intends to distribute alcohol to minors merely on the basis of the amount of alcohol that they have stocked up. Usually, these common Michigan alcohol-related student offenses are going to be either a case where someone is actually caught underage in possession of alcohol where they do inform the police of the individual that sold it to them or, in another scenario, the officers arrive at some kind of party in which alcohol is being served and furnished to minors. That is where those types of charges will be most likely given.

The Role of a Professional Defense Attorney

If you wish to fight against your common Michigan alcohol-related student offenses, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified defense lawyer as soon as possible. By gathering evidence, attaining testimony from key witnesses, and building a strong defense strategy on your behalf, an experienced lawyer could potentially work to mitigate the penalties resulting from your charge. Consider scheduling your initial consultation with a qualified defense attorney today.

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