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Common Student Assault Cases

On most college campuses, the majority of these crimes that take place are assault. While assault comes in several different forms, common Michigan student assault cases are fueled by the use of alcohol. Alcohol lowers people's inhibitions and makes it difficult for individuals to think clearly. Students under the influence often lack the ability to understand the severity of their actions.

If you have been involved in an assault case on campus, contact a capable student assault lawyer who could help you emerge with an appropriate outcome for your situation.

Dorm Room Offenses

Many of the assaults on school campuses take place in residence halls. Although these are spaces that are supposed to be safe, this is not always guaranteed. When students begin drinking in the evening, or during weekends, it is easy for intimate conversations or gatherings to turn more rowdy and hostile.

Hazing Offenses

Common Michigan student assault cases involve hazing. Hazing is any action that intentionally causes embarrassment, harassment, and physical harm to an individual that is trying to become part of an organization such as a fraternity or sorority.

Examples of Hazing

Hazing can involve things such as physical brutality, physical activity, or the forced consumption of some substance such as food or alcohol. Hazing could also involve a task that is a criminal offense. Hazing is prohibited and illegal in the state of Michigan, however, it still takes places on several college campuses.

While hazing can be fueled by alcohol or illegal drugs, it also takes place when individuals are sober. Those in charge of a fraternity or sorority can abuse their power by taking advantage of those around them.

Weapon Related Offenses

Common Michigan student assault cases also involve weapons. A weapon refers to any item which could be used in physically harming, killing, or inciting fear in another person. Although weapons are not allowed to be brought unto college campuses, there are unfortunate incidents when students bring them to campus anyway.

Weapons can even include alcohol bottles. Often times when students have been drinking alcohol, and get into physical altercation, they use their beer or wine bottle as a weapon to harm the other party.

Mass Shootings

Common Michigan student assault cases do not typically involve mass shootings. While these incidents are rare, they are becoming more and more prevalent in the U.S. Such attacks do not typically involve drug or alcohol. They are usually committed by an individual who has decided that they want to commit this act of violence.

Contacting a Michigan Student Defense Lawyer

If you have been involved in an assailment on campus, contact a Michigan student defense lawyer. Common Michigan student assault cases are not easy to defend, and the punishments for such offenses can be severe. A qualified attorney could be able to strategize an effective defense.

College is not an easy place to navigate, students are constantly learning who they are and how to interact with others. It is important to work with a lawyer who will defend your freedom during these formative years of your life.

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