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Grand Rapids Gun Laws

Gun laws that cover the entire state of Michigan also cover Grand Rapids. Like all cities, Grand Rapids experiences a lot of gun crime, which leads to a stricter enforcement of the local gun laws. These laws tend to be treated incredibly seriously.

If you are facing a gun charge and are seeking a strong criminal defense, it is important to contact a Grand Rapids gun attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer can help you understand the relevant gun laws in Grand Rapids as they pertain to your case, as well as begin building an effective legal defense.

Changes in Gun Laws

A new bill has been presented in Michigan that would make it unnecessary to possess a conceal permit or CPL. If that law is passed, then virtually anybody would be able to carry a concealed weapon so long as they did not otherwise meet one of the exclusions as it relates to mental health issues, felony convictions, or similar elements.

Virtually any law-abiding citizen would be able to carry a weapon without having to first obtain a concealed permit. That is House Bill 4416. It has not been signed into law yet, but could change the scope of Grand Rapids gun laws drastically.

Because of the current government structure, it is relatively easy to obtain a concealed permit or a CPL. That happened because of the current governor. However, if a new governor were to be elected with different views, the ease of obtaining a permit may change. There are several other gun laws that could be passed in Grand Rapids that could impact the use of firearms by the public. However, this must be monitored and dealt with as it occurs.

Severity of Gun Regulations

Grand Rapids is a Metropolitan area, but feels like a more rural environment. In the surrounding areas, there is a lot of hunting land. In general, the state of Michigan has a fairly relaxed view of gun laws. It is important to note that guns are no more prevalent or common in crimes in Grand Rapids than any other similar locations in the state of Michigan.

This does not mean that if a person is charged with a gun crime, that it will not be strictly enforced. However, compared to other states and other areas, the gun laws in Grand Rapids are less restrictive.

Nevertheless, if a person is charged with a gun crime, it will be taken very seriously. If there is a conviction, that person could be facing serious time in jail or prison.

Common Misconceptions

It is not unusual for CPL holders to carry their guns in places where they should not be carrying their gun. It is a misconception that a person who has a CPL can carry their gun anywhere in the state of Michigan or anywhere within Grand Rapids. However, that is simply not true.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what types of weapons are allowed and what types of weapons are not allowed. There are also misconceptions as it relates to when a vehicle may be lawfully discharged as it relates to the scenario of hunting or targeting practice. Some people think that they can simply set up a target in their backyard and start shooting, but that is also not true.

Hunting Regulations

Grand Rapids is surrounded by hunting land and there is hunting land throughout Michigan. As the person goes further north, they will encounter more hunting lands. Hunting is a popular past time in Michigan.

One important regulation that people should keep in mind when hunting, and something that would be illegal around Grand Rapids, would be to make sure that they are not hunting or discharging a firearm within 450 feet of an occupied building, residence, cabin, or anything that could be used in connection with occupancy by an individual. That would be illegal no matter what the land is.

Reciprocity of Gun Laws

Grand Rapids does not have any authority to allow, disallow, or to independently offer a concealed carry gun permit. Grand Rapids is under the laws of Michigan and so reciprocity does not apply. Michigan does reciprocity with other states and other states have reciprocity with Michigan as it relates to concealed carry, but that does not apply to Grand Rapids proper.

Benefit of a Lawyer

If an individual is facing a gun charge, there is no substitute for consulting with a knowledgeable lawyer. The gun laws in Grand Rapids can be quite complex, and it is important that an individual know exactly what rules and regulations are in place before they possess a firearm.

Although the internet is a great place to start in terms of searching for the local Grand Rapids gun laws, it is imperative that an individual speak with a knowledgable attorney to ensure that they have a clear understanding of what is and is not permissible. If they are facing a gun charge, an attorney can build a defense to help minimize any potential penalties.

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