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Medical Marijuana Licensing Sanctions and Hearings

As a medical marijuana business owner, it is important to make sure that your license and other necessities are up to date, and that you are observing important acts like the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act. Failure to do so can result in a suspension of your license, which in turn can hurt your business' bottom line. Get in touch with a qualified medical marijuana attorney that can help you navigate Michigan medical marijuana licensing sanctions and hearings.

Occurrences Leading to Sanctions and Hearings

If a person applying for a license or a person who has a license fails to comply with the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act, the Board can deny, revoke, suspend, or restrict their license via a series of Michigan medical marijuana licensing sanctions and hearings.

This is also the case for licensee holders that do not meet the eligibility requirements anymore, or if that person does not comply with the Marijuana Tracking Act. Finally, this is the case if a licensee fails to cooperate and assist the Board in an inquiry, investigation, or Board hearing.

Imposing Sanctions

The Board can also impose sanctions on those who do not follow the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act. They can give a civil fine of as much as $5,000 against a person and up to $10,000 against a licensee for each of their violations of the Licensing Act or orders given out by the Board. Of course, the Board must comply with the Administrative Procedures Act if they are going to impose a fine or restrict, revoke, or deny a license.

Investigative Hearings

In many cases, if the Board is going to suspend or revoke a person's license, that person has the right to a hearing. If the Board determines that the safety and health of the employees or patrons of the facility are in jeopardy, the Board can suspend the license before a hearing is scheduled.

If this happens, a hearing after the suspension takes place must be scheduled. This hearing will determine if the suspension should continue. The suspension will continue until the Board sees cause that the suspension should be lifted. Alternatively, the Board can revoke the license. If a person's application is denied, they can request that a public investigative hearing take place. The applicant can then present testimony to show that they are suitable for the license. The Board will then review their decision, although this does not always mean that a license will be granted.

Anyone who is unhappy with a decision that the Board makes has the right to schedule a hearing with the Board. A person must send a written request for such a hearing within 21 days of receiving the Board's decision.

Contacting an Attorney

Getting your license suspended can be an overwhelming ordeal. It can feel like a major setback but a skilled marijuana lawyer can help. Michigan medical marijuana licensing sanctions and hearings may seem like impediments to the success of your business but an attorney can work with you to protect your business, and protect your rights. If you have had your medical marijuana commercial license suspended, get in touch with a skilled attorney that can advocate for you.

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