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Sexual Misconduct Student Defense

Sexual harassment is an act related to sexual conduct. Actions may include unwelcome sexual advances, unwanted pressure for sexual favors, even actual or attempted rape or sexual assault. In the State of Michigan, issues related to sexual misconduct fall under a criminal statute for criminal sexual misconduct (CSC). Situations of sexual harassment can be actual rape or date rape. Some people are in vulnerable situations based on their age. There can be different levels of consent for people who are underage, especially when it comes to professors and student aids.

If you have been accused of engaging in illegal sexual behaviors, be sure to get in contact with a skilled attorney. A Michigan sexual misconduct student defense lawyer could prove to be a valuable ally who can help you build your defense.

Defining Sexual Misconducts on Campus

Two standards may be used to define sexual misconduct on campus. The first is the college acting in loco parentis, which means that the college stands in the place of parents. Although a student does not have much supervision, there is some level of supervision in a student code of conduct. The student code of conduct identifies the specifics of dealing with persons in a sexual way. Some schools may rely on the state's approach to sexual misconduct. The university dictates a student's ability to remain on campus or avoid demerits or negative write-ups on their record.

The second standard in Michigan is the statute on criminal sexual conduct. Four degrees are defined in the statute with the first three degrees being felony criminal sexual conduct. The fourth degree is based on sexual contact that does not rise to the level of the felonies identified in the first three degrees.

A criminal standard requires that the judicial system gets involved. If convicted of criminal sexual conduct, the student may have a criminal record and/or prison time depending on the level of activity. With a university's code of conduct, punishment could be counseling or education, expulsion or both. The offense could be reported to the state resulting in criminal charges. A person charged with sex-related crimes should seek the consultation of a Michigan sexual misconduct student defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Common Situations that Lead to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Common situations that may lead to sexual misconduct allegations may include substances like alcohol and drugs. When under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, a person's inhibitions might be decreased. Reduced inhibitions sometimes put people in a position where they commit sex-related crimes because they do not want to take no for an answer, or they are unaware of the magnitude their actions.

On-campus organizations such as fraternities or sororities offer an opportunity for students to participate in socially endorsed behaviors such as consuming alcohol and drugs. These high-risk behaviors have unintended consequences including arguments, assault, unwanted sexual advances, sexual assault, or acquaintance rape.

What is Harassment in Michigan?

Harassment could be anything from inappropriate touching, groping, making unacceptable gestures, and in extreme cases, rape. There may be issues where an individual is pursuing someone. They may be trying to get the person to date them or be open to a sexual relationship. Unfortunately, people push the boundaries when it comes to advances towards another person. Harassment may also depend on whether the actions can be taken negatively under the student code of conduct or whether the activity escalates into criminal sexual misconduct.

Importance of Hiring a Michigan Sexual Misconduct Student Defense Attorney

Sexual misconduct charges could prove to be an intimidating experience for the person charged. A student who has been accused of such crimes may be at risk of expulsion from their place of study or even incarceration. It is important to act quickly once you or your son/daughter has been charged. By working with a Michigan sexual misconduct student defense lawyer as soon as possible, you give your chance a good chance at building a strong case.

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