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CPL Application Process

To begin the Michigan CPL application process, an individual needs to fill out a form that can be submitted by hand. For anyone interested in learning more about this process, contact a skilled firearm attorney .

An internet search for "Michigan CPL application" will take an individual to the Michigan State Police CPL form. This form contains all of the instructions and can easily be completed on a computer or printed and filled out by hand.

An applicant will then take this completed form, along with the certificate that they have completed the necessary firearms training class, to the county clerk in the court in which they reside.

Following an Application Submission

After submitting the application and paying the necessary fee, a Michigan CPL application process requires a request that fingerprints be taken by the county clerk, department of state police, county sheriff, or a local police agency.

The fingerprints taken will then be immediately forwarded to the department of state police for comparison with any fingerprints already on file. The department of state police will then immediately forward the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

What is the Role of a Notice of Statutory Disqualification?

If a license or notice of statutory disqualification is not issued within 45 days after the date the applicant had fingerprints taken, the receipt issued by the county clerk will serve as a concealed pistol license when carried with a state-issued driver license or personal identification card.

It is valid until a license or notice of statutory disqualification is issued by the county clerk. The county clerk issuing an initial CPL or renewal CPL will mail the license to the individual by first-class mail in a sealed envelope. Individuals can speak with an attorney who can give them peace of mind when beginning the Michigan CPL application process.

Relevant Pistol Safety Training

The pistol safety training program must be certified by Michigan or a national or state firearms training organization, and must provide at least three hours of instruction on a firing range with each student firing at least 30 rounds of ammunition and five hours of instruction in all of the following:

  • How to store, handle and use your pistol.
  • Information about the various forms of ammunition available.
  • The basic fundamentals of how to aim and shoot a pistol, including review of the various pistol shooting positions available to you.
  • A simple review of the Michigan firearms laws. This section includes castle doctrine, stand your ground, possible civil liability issues and the lawful use of deadly force. Michigan law requires this portion to be taught by an attorney.
  • When not to use deadly and non-deadly force, and now to avoid criminal attack.
  • How to avoid and/or control a violent confrontation.
  • A review of laws applicable to concealed carry, including where you may not every lawfully carry a weapon.
How is a Training Deemed Acceptable to the Clerk?

As long as the program meets the requirements of the law and the certificate issued at the conclusion of the class meets the requirements of the Michigan CPL application, the training should be acceptable to the county clerk, though they may wish to verify the validity of the training certificate.

For questions about the Michigan CPL application process or other requirements for legal gun possession in Michigan, contact a Michigan gun lawyer as soon as possible.

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