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Student Sexual Misconduct Cases

If you are a student and are facing sexual misconduct allegations, you may want to reach out to seasoned sexual misconduct student lawyer. An attorney with experience defending Michigan student sexual misconduct cases can advocate on your behalf. They can help you avoid or mitigate the potential consequences of a sexual misconduct allegation. Call today and set up a consultation.

Administrative Bodies Involved in Sexual Misconduct Cases in Michigan

There are many different people who sit on the university hearing body depending on the individual student code of conduct. Many of the student codes of conduct have a level of due process. A student has the right to a hearing because universities are usually state-sanctioned educational institutions.

The determination of who conducts the hearing is made by the individual institution. A dean may preside over the hearing or there may be a panel of staff and/or faculty members that conducts the hearing. The penalties could be diverse, so it is important to fully understand the code of conduct and the provisions granting a person due process to have potential allegations heard.

Someone in this situation should have an attorney to help them understand the rules of Michigan student sexual misconduct cases and ensure they get a fair hearing. An allegation should be taken seriously because even if it starts with the student code of conduct action, it can influence one's educational and employment future. Most people do not realize that anything they say in a campus proceeding could be used against them later in a trial.

What to do After Being Charged with Sexual Misconduct

When an individual is notified of sexual misconduct charges, they should contact an attorney as soon as possible. It is important to get legal advice early. Even if charges are not initially brought, the person should speak with an attorney to be prepared for the process.

Sometimes a student is pressured into saying something they did not mean to say, so they should not talk to the administration or police without the presence of an attorney. The student does not want to have their words misinterpreted and be repeated and used against them.

Another mistake to avoid is contacting the individual making the allegations as that could negatively impact the case. When there is an allegation with some level of merit, the student and their attorney should begin preparing by talking to experts, going through the science, and looking at the evidence or witnesses.

Possible Consequences of Sexual Misconduct Allegations

When someone is found responsible for sexual misconduct on campus, the consequences depend on whether the finding is a criminal or university determination. When the school conducts an investigation into a report of sexual misconduct on campus, it falls under the student code of conduct. The allegations could be inappropriate touching in a classroom situation or an accusation of rape.

The campus-related penalties for sexual misconduct may vary. Sometimes, the defendant must attend an educational class. There may be some level of counseling to discuss potential underlying issues or they could be required to write apologies. The student could be facing suspensions, demerits, or expulsion. They could lose the ability to remain in dorms or attend some campus functions.

With criminal sexual conduct, the student faces torts that are more severe and the penalty range is suspension or removal from school pending an investigation. They face potential prison time and the possibility of a lifelong registry on the sexual offender list. Although the allegations may start off in a college setting, that does not preclude a student from having a criminal charge filed against them later. Michigan student sexual misconduct cases are not taken lightly, which is why it is essential for a defendant to obtain the services of an attorney.

Contacting a Student Defense Attorney

Criminal courts have access to impose many of the sanctions that the school does. However, they do not have the ability to suspend, expel, or remove somebody from school. The education programs or other reformative and rehabilitative programs that exist for the court may also exist for the college. If you are facing charges of sexual misconduct, call an attorney will experience handling Michigan student sexual misconduct cases.

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