Benefits of Having a Domestic Violence Lawyer


There are many benefits of hiring a domestic violence lawyer immediately upon hearing of being charged or potentially being charged with domestic violence. First, and foremost, a good attorney will give you your best chance at minimizing the consequences of a domestic violence charge. The consequences of a first offense domestic violence charge include a misdemeanor on your permanent record, up to 93 days in jail, up to a $500 fine, probation including drug and alcohol testing, and being banned from purchasing and possessing firearms. A good attorney will request all evidence, look for defenses and procedural issues, explore diversion programs, and try to get the best result, whether through pre-trial negotiations or trial.

Second, there are things that happen when someone is arrested for domestic violence that create very urgent concerns. Many times, the accused lives with the accuser. The court will place immediate conditions on the accused when released. The court will order the accused not to contact the accuser and, if they live together, not to reside in the home with the accuser. Even if the accuser tries not to press charges, this order may stick. An attorney can try to convince the court to lift the no-contact order. The attorney can also ask the court to allow the accused and accuser to live together again, especially if they share children together. If that’s not possible, the attorney can help their client get belongings from the home needed to live a normal life while the no-contact order is in place.

Lastly, in cases in which the evidence is stacked against the accused, the attorney can explore a Michigan domestic violence diversion program. This program requires people to admit guilt and complete counseling and probation. The advantage of going through the program is that the admission of guilt is kept under seal and never put on public record. Therefore, it will never show up on a criminal record and the person would never have to admit on a job application that they’ve been found guilty of domestic violence. Call right away to get in touch with our dedicated legal team.

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