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Sexual assault lawyer in Michigan Patrick Barone can eplain all the legal language used to determine exactly which criminal charges you face after an arrest for a sex crime.Sex crimes in Michigan consist of four degrees of criminal sexual conduct (CSC). Each carries varying levels of severity and potential penalties. The four degrees of CSC are outlined in Michigan’s Penal Code and cover a range of sexual acts, including penetration, touching, and verbal communication. This article will explain the difference between sexual assault and rape.

Here is an overview of the four degrees of criminal sexual conduct in Michigan:

First-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC 1)

Michigan sex laws. To not run afoul of the statutory rape Michigan law, it is critical to review the Michigan “consent” laws. Every state enacts its own rape laws relating to the age at which a female can acquiesce to having sexual relations. Making the mistake of engaging in sexual intercourse can make that older person a sex offender

Michigan age laws. In various aspects of our lives, the Legislative branch of government has enacted laws that are meant to protect young people. An example of this is for laws controlling when teenagers can marry in the Great Lakes State, as well as when they can consume alcoholic beverages.

Michigan statutory rape laws. In Michigan, the statutory rape law is denominated “third degree sexual conduct.” Any person under age 16 cannot consent to have sex. Thus, the burden is on the other person to positively determine a sex participant’s actual age.

Michigan domestric violence lawyer Patrick Barone explains the possibility of jail time.Michigan’s criminal charges involving child pornography are rigorously enforced and harshly punished. For this reason, avoiding jail time on a child pornography (or, Child Sexually Abusive Material (CSAM), in Michigan) case can be extremely difficult.

This is true whether the case involves possession, distribution or production of material that includes a child engaging in a sex act of some kind. If you want to avoid jail time for a CSAM charge, then it is important to hire an experienced CSAM child pornography lawyer.

Michigan’s Law Regarding CSAM are Complex

Basically, sodomy is an act engaging in any type of any oral sex act or anal sex act that would not lead to procreation (having babies). See this web article that reviews some of the history of sodomy laws in America as the author explains sodomy laws 2022 and answers the common question of “is oral sex legal in Michigan?”

Why is sodomy a crime? The better question, as we move in the year 2023 is “where is sodomy a crime?” The short answer to that is “if done in public,” a sodomy offense in MI can be prosecuted as a felony.

“Sodomy” is a word that pertains to sex acts that historically were banned by many religions, but also found its way into most nations’ laws. So, religion came first, and governments were later organized that incorporated many concepts and principles from religious teachings (e.g., “thou shalt not kill.”)

Legal difference between rape and sexual assault in MichiganIn Michigan all crimes involving sexual assault go by the broad term of criminal sexual conduct. These are crimes involving some degree of sexual violence.

The word “rape” does not itself appear within our criminal laws. Instead, rape is used as a generic term to refer to what happens when you have non-consensual sexual intercourse with another person, especially when either physical force or threats are used to get the other person to submit to the sex act.

Age is an important factor in Michigan sex crimes law. We discuss the concept of age of consent elsewhere.

Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct, commonly referred to as CSC, is the unlawful sexual assault or touching or penetration of another. In Michigan, there are four separate sexual offenses each defined by the acts of behaviors of the alleged offender.

Each level of sexual act offense is called a “degree.” Within each of these degrees are multiple variables or legal theories that the state must prove in order to support the allegation. Such variables may include the age of the victim, the relationship of the perpetrator to the victim, and whether force or coercion was used in the commission of the alleged crime.

What Must Prosecutor Prove to Establish a Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree?

Michigan Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Barone Defense Firm consists of some of Michigan’s top Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers. Lead Federal Attorney Keith Corbett is a former United States Attorney. He has been practicing federal criminal law for more than 35 years, and has received numerous awards for his skillful federal practice.


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pexels-photo-1134204-300x207There are many possible legal defenses available to a child pornography attorney. An investigation for the alleged possession, distribution, or production of a photo or video containing child pornography, can lead to charges in either the State or Federal Systems. Sometimes, you can be charged in both systems.

If you’re facing charges involving this material, sometimes called CSAM in Michigan, then you will need to hire a child pornography defense lawyer to avoid prison time and Sex Offender Registration.

Who Prosecutes Child Pornography in Michigan – State or Feds?

What to Know About the Sex Offender Registry in Michigan

When Is SORA Registration Necessary in Michigan?

In the past, many violations that would trigger sex offender registration were prosecuted under the old Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) even when the violation was a result of a mistake, ignorance, or unintended violations. If this has happened to you, then you’ll definitely want to hire a Michigan sex crimes attorney to help. Here is some more useful information for you to know about SORA:

How Can a Sex Crimes Lawyer Near Me Help Avoid SORA?

A top sex assault lawyer can help you avoid the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) in many different ways. Before we get to that, let’s first talk about SORA, particularly the newest version of SORA in Michigan.

SORA, which is also known as the sex offender registration act, applies to most forms of criminal sexual conduct. If you are facing a sex crime allegation, then you are also facing possibly being listed on SORA. This is also sometimes called sex abuse. If you are facing the kinds of allegations, indecent exposure, you will need a criminal defense attorney well versed in this complex area of law to assist you minimize or avoid the consequences.

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