Finding a Sex Crimes Lawyer Near Me to Help Avoid Sora

How Can a Sex Crimes Lawyer Near Me Help Avoid SORA?

A top sex assault lawyer can help you avoid the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) in many different ways. Before we get to that, let’s first talk about SORA, particularly the newest version of SORA in Michigan.

SORA, which is also known as the sex offender registration act, applies to most forms of criminal sexual conduct. If you are facing a sex crime allegation, then you are also facing possibly being listed on SORA. This is also sometimes called sex abuse. If you are facing the kinds of allegations, indecent exposure, you will need a criminal defense attorney well versed in this complex area of law to assist you minimize or avoid the consequences.

Unfortunately, possession of certain kinds of material depicting children is a common sex crime charge. This includes crimes that go by terms like child sexual abuse, and child sexual abuse material. This is also called CSAM. In fact any violations of the child pornography laws will require SORA registration. If you have been charged with possession, production or distribution of child pornography, then you should search “find a child pornography lawyer near me” on Google. You will need a child pornography attorney to assist you in avoiding SORA registration.

Even a single, very old, CSAM image found in the cache of your phone can result in your being charged with child pornography bringing the possibility of major penalties. This is true in most of the 50 United States, but is even more problematic at the federal laws, where the penalties are even worse. If you are looking for a lawyer, and type CSAM lawyer near me into your search engine, you may be directed to the Barone Defense Firm because we are a law firm that handles these cases in the entire state of Michigan.

In addition to CSAM, other sex crimes that will result in triggering the SORA include the various levels of sexual assault, called CSC I – IV in Michigan. For example, a person who is alleged to have engaged in sexual behavior that is illegal might be charged with CSC fourth degree. Many kinds of CSC sexual abuse trigger SORA and punishment is worse for a person who is in a position of authority over the person who claims the sex abuse.

The newest version of SORA in Michigan has been on the books for a little over a year. Because it’s so new, litigation is still on-going. Many constitutional challenges have been pursued at the state and federal level prior to the new law that became effective March 24, 2021, but similar arguments are still being brought forth on the new legislation. However, while those legal challenges work themselves in the often slow moving justice system the requirement for certain individuals to register will continue. Currently, there are approximately 45,000 people in the state of Michigan required to register.

Registration is based upon certain enumerated criminal convictions, and others that may qualify under a catch-all section under the statute. The type of conviction will result in a particularized Tier classification, which will be quantified as a Tier I, II, or III, and their respective reporting obligations from non-public to public and 15 years to lifetime registry. Each tier is unique in how long reporting is required and how often the individual must report.

How is the SORA statute different?

Much of the new legislation is similar to the previous version of SORA, wherein the main components remain in place including the three different tiers, the same reporting time periods, and is based upon a particular conviction. However, there are some stark changes and clarifications. The three main changes include school zones, willful rather than unintended violations, and registry removal eligibility.

If you are facing any criminal charges that may include SORA reporting, or face allegations of violating SORA, contact the sex crimes attorneys at the Barone Defense Firm to understand your obligations and seek a firm to protect your rights. We offer FREE consultations and can start protecting your rights even before you get charged.

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