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This article (written by our homicide defense lawyers) focuses on a type of criminal homicide in the Great Lakes State. Not every homicide in our state is a first-degree homicide in Michigan, or a first-degree murder. When a driver is committing a felony crime (e.g., kidnapping), when another dies, this is called “felony murder” in Michigan.

As in most states, gradations of mental culpability gauge how much jail time can be handed down for 1st degree murder and lesser homicide crimes. Be aware that any criminally negligent homicide charge will take the skills of seasoned criminal defense attorneys near me to find the best possible resolution.

This page focuses on murder in the 2nd degree charges, which helps distinguish both 1st and 2nd degree murders. Many citizens who watch crime shows like Law and Order, are often focused on whether a death sentence is imposed in Michigan. It is not, so push that though aside.

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