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Fraud vs Embezzlement. Any embezzlement or fraud conviction would be a “crime of moral turpitude,” which can block you from obtaining a wide variety of jobs. Plus, for large amounts pilfered (e.g., from a bank account, a church, or a charitable organization), up to 20 years in prison (state or federal) and fines of over one hundred thousand dollars may be ordered to be paid by the convicted person for felony embezzlement

Define embezzlement. For any person working in a job for a business, company, church or even a charity, and who has access to checkbooks or other electronic means of siphoning off money or charging to a company credit card, all of these can be how an embezzlement defined in an indictment may read.

Types of Fraud Charges. At Barone Defense Firm, our law group is staffed and prepared to help those facing embezzlement charges and other white collar crimes, including those who were acting in a fiduciary relationship (e.g., lawyer or accountant or bookkeeper frauds).

Embezzlement vs Larceny. The crime of larceny entails property being carried away, such as by a shoplifter. Larceny does not require the confidential or “inside” relationship of trust from an employer-employee relationship, which is an “element” of an embezzlement crime. Plus, larceny offenses don’t involve an act of trickery, fraud, alteration of deposits or misrepresentation that is a characteristic of embezzlers.

Michigan Felony Crimes Embezzlement Chart shows conviction jail time and fine amounts.

Embezzlement Definition or the Def of embezzlement: Michigan embezzlement laws under the State’s penal code deal with misappropriating money or property of another, and are punishable as either a felony or misdemeanor. Factors controlling that “charging decision” by a prosecutor include several factors, including:

(1) The amount of money or dollar value of the items involved in the theft crimes;

(2) Are there prior convictions? The accused person’s prior criminal history (whether under state laws or local ordinances) for embezzlement or attempts to embezzle or secret money of other property of others;

(3) The identity of the victim (e.g., if it was taken from a non-profit organization), where the type of relationship that existed between the suspected person and the person harmed enabled the accused to get access to the victim’s money or property;

(4) If multiple incidents occurred, pursuant to a scheme or course of conduct, within any twelve-month period, is allowed to be added up and “aggregated” to determine the total value of money or personal property embezzled; and

(5) If the prior criminal acts are to be used by the prosecuting attorneys, to enhance the sentence severity, the details of such prior case or cases must be alleged in the accusatory documents.

Embezzlement charges in Michigan are very serious and you need a tenacious embezzlement lawyer near me to fight back against the state prosecutor's evidence. Your criminal defense attorney will file motions and be in court with you at every session,

Embezzlement cases in Michigan are serious crimes. For the exact wording on the Great Lakes State’s embezzlement and fraud statutes, click on the embezzlement Michigan law link below, or on the fraud Michigan link set forth below, in the same paragraph as that link.

Embezzler meaning. The definition of embezzling is (when a person is convicted) she or he can be called an “embezzler.”

Is embezzlement a felony? Usually, it is. Misdemeanor embezzlement cases are rare but can be accused. Technically, even if the embezzlement money taken was a $20 bill, this can still support a charge of embezzlement.

If you or a loved one is charged with the crimes of embezzlement, forgery, fraud, tax evasion, or similar legal issues, this can be a state offense or federal crime. Our fraud lawyers near me can review the arrest paperwork and then know what exact charges you are facing. See this related embezzlement punishment page for embezzlement punishments, average jail time for embezzlement, and potential jail time for embezzlement in Michigan.

MI embezzlement lawyer Keith Corbett works at the Barone Defense Firm in Birmintgham, MI. He handlesd all types of fraud and theft cases.

Plus, our Barone Defense Firm team has specialists in federal criminal defense and criminal defense attorneys to handle the state embezzlement crimes. Our job is always to see if a path exists for avoiding an embezzlement conviction. Keith Corbett is a former federal prosecutor who now defends these complex federal prosecutions.

Our best-case outcomes are obtained by those who don’t admit that they committed the crime. Far too often, when confronted by a boss or a police detective, this “confession” can happen, without the benefit of legal counsel.

While we can rarely help those who have already pleaded guilty. when our legal professionals are retained early, we can sometimes prove that insufficient evidence exists to point to our client as the person who exclusively had access to the business papers and deposits.

Further down this page, the reader can review the embezzlement elements required for the Prosecutor to accuse a case under Section 750.174 of Michigan criminal laws. To read the statute criminalizing fraud, go to this page for false pretenses and fraud crimes in Section 750.218, to see how both statutes contain similar punishment structures. Plus, a vulnerable adult victim has separate laws pertaining to those crimes.

Michigan embezzlement lawyer Michael Boyle is based in Grand Rapids but will travel anywhere in the Great Lakes State to defend you.

How to Get Out of Embezzlement Charges in the Great Lakes State

Michigan embezzlement attorney Patrick T. Barone or his partner, Michael J. Boyle can evaluate the known facts surrounding your case at our law firm and assign the law office’s best-qualified defense attorney for that court jurisdiction. One of the benefits of having a larger law group is that this allows our legal team to tap into the skills and relationships that our various legal professionals have with your criminal court.

Thus, if you need to hire forgery lawyers near me for your court case, or (if charged with fraud and embezzlement), the case may be assigned to a different legal professional with Barone Defense Firm.

Embezzlement and theft lawyer Patrick Barone offers legal services to those clients accused of embezzlement as either a misdemeanor or felony offense.

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