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Evidence in a Sex Crimes Investigation

Not only will the prosecuting agency and law enforcement investigate a sex crime offense in Michigan, but there are often special units within the police that deal with sexual conduct. Investigators and jurors will want to see DNA evidence and have statements from both sides. A Michigan sex crimes lawyer can assist when someone testifies and they can help get and refute any evidence in their client's sex crimes investigation in Michigan.

Types of Evidence

Generally, the evidence that is going to be gathered in a Michigan sex crimes investigation is going to be biological evidence, any human fluid that they can find, or DNA they can find. Prosecution is going to possibly want a lot of clothing as evidence in a Michigan sex crimes investigation and they are going to want to search the scene as much as possible for any DNA or fluid substances left. They are going to want to take photos, and possibly video, of where things took place so they can piece together stories later, especially if there has been any violence involved where they can go back and reenact the step-by-step act itself.

Michigan attorneys want to make sure that if there is other evidence out there, they are able to obtain that as well because they want to be able to see in text messages, in electronics, and in all of that, whether or not things were pretty clear as far as consent or prior sexual contact, things like that. A person wants to be able to establish a track record to show that this is something that is commonplace.


The prosecution is going to want to actually perform medical examinations, they are going to have doctors involved and advocates involved trying to get medical investigations on the body itself. They want to take again any DNA testing, if they can find any fluids. They want to make sure that they do a full investigation of not only the physical evidence around the area but the alleged victim themselves.

They are going to want to possibly do electronic investigations, such as searching through text messages, cell phone records, and computer records. Those are things, depending on what type of crime an individual is alleging, that could be heavy into play especially in things like child pornography and sex with minors. Any track record and electronic data is going to help determine whether something has happened or not happened, whether there was consent or not.

The specific types of tactics used to gather evidence really depend on the exact type of evidence but, for the most part, they are going to try to collect everything as they humanly can. Sometimes prosecution will use special agencies to help aid and assist in trying to get some of the evidence, specifically rape or a traumatic victim rights advocates and doctors that specialize in obtaining this kits.


Testimony is an important piece of evidence in a Michigan sex crimes investigation. Prosecution and jurors are going to want testimony, any witness testimony that they can find, they are going to want to sit down and talk to the victim. Usually, they have alleged victim's advocate groups that either the county provides, or sometimes there are independent agencies. But they will come in and they will help in trying to get information from the accuser. Many times this may be traumatic, leaving them in a difficult place to ask questions of. They are going to try as much as possibly to get all evidence including witness statements, because that is very important in these types of cases, especially when there are no other witnesses.

Attorneys will want an accuser's statement just so they make sure that everything that they claimed happened, happened as opposed to sometimes where the individual is exaggerating or confused about information, they get to see that whenever they have a statement. They are looking to try and get all of the evidence so they can take it apart and make sure the evidence was collected appropriately because an inappropriate collection of evidence in regards to any fluid or DNA sampling can lead things being misidentified, especially when it comes to DNA.

DNA Collection

People often do not realize how much DNA they leave behind them, and especially if the alleged victim is familiar with the defendant, there is a possibility that a person can get DNA from a variety of circumstances. It is important for an individual and their attorney to want to know when the DNA was collected, how was it collected, who collected it, how was it tested, if was it tested appropriately to the right standards, and if all the machines were within their calibration level. All of that information needs to be researched and that is something that an attorney and their client will need to. They will look at any physical evidence, any clothing that was used, and they want to make sure that everything matches up with statements that are given.

A Michigan sex crimes attorney will want to make sure that evidence is also obtained and not destroyed or forgotten because a lot of times when they are collecting evidence, they are not going to know what the position of the defendant is, they are going to be doing that in a vacuum.

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