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By: Patrick Barone, MI Gun Lawyer and author of Michigan Gun Law Legal Books

MI Gun lawyer Patrick Barone shows you how to legally carry your firearm in your car or truck, and if you are pulled over by law enforcement, do you need to tell the officer you have a pistol in tyhe vehicle.
Michigan firearms law provides that anytime a pistol or revolver is inside a motor vehicle it is considered a concealed weapon.  See Michigan Complied Laws Sec. 750.227.  This crime is often abbreviated as “CCW” and is applicable even when the pistol is in plain sight, and therefore not literally concealed.

Does Michigan Have Recipricol Concealed Carry Priveleges With Other States?

Despite some current summer-like temperatures the summer has ended, and the boats are being winterized and stored for the year. This is also the time some of the numbers for this past seasons boating under the influence statistics come out.

Michigan is clearly a boating destination for locals and vacationers, and many of our wonderful waterways are ‘loaded’ every weekend.

Although every state has lowered the illegal limit to .08 for operating motor vehicles – mostly based upon a conditioned agreement to receive federal highway funding – boating still remains .10 (as do ORV and Snowmobile statutes).  Frankly, not as much attention or concern was focused on boating and alcohol.  For example, literally drinking while driving a boat and drinking on a boat are commonly accepted. However, that belief may be changing although the law remains the same

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