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If You Can’t do Expungement – What About Pardon or Collateral Attack?

  • To repeat once more; expungement of a Michigan DUI is precluded by law.  

As indicated elsewhere on this blog, it is virtually NOT POSSIBLE to have a Michigan DUI removed from your record, so there is really no reason to contact us to have a Michigan DUI attorney from the Barone Defense Firm confirm this irrefutable fact.

However, from a theoretical perspective, outside of expungement, there are two other considerations, pardon and collateral attack.  The first of these options, a pardon from the governor, is allowed under the Michigan Constitution:

Due to Barone Defense Firm’s expertise in the field of drinking and driving, we are contacted by many persons seeking a way to prevent the public from seeing their drinking and driving convictions.

While we are committed to helping our clients in any way legally and ethically possible we currently prevented from obtaining expungements of our client’s DUI convictions because doing so is unlawful. In other words, Michigan courts are prevented from granting an expungement for an OWI or Impaired offense.

The following provides the basics of the law regarding expungements and other possible solutions to removing a conviction from your records.

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