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Even a single Michigan DUI conviction can cause great hardship. It creates a permanent public record. This can impact employment, insurance, sense of well-being, and many other things. If you want to have your DUI conviction in Michigan expunged, we have good news because expungement of drunk driving convictions has never been allowed in Michigan until recently.

The DUI expungement process is complex, and we recommend that you hire a lawyer to help you. Many of the steps required are covered in another article we wrote entitled, “Can a Michigan DUI Be Expunged.”

A lawyer is likely necessary because, unlike other misdemeanors and felonies, which will be automatically removed from criminal records, a detailed and at times cumbersome process is required to prepare your case for filing with the court. What may seem like small errors in the paperwork can result in the DUI in Michigan expungement being denied.

A drunk driving conviction has lifelong consequences. Long after your driver’s license has been restored, you’ll still have the DUI conviction on your permanent record. The good news is that the expungement laws in Michigan for DUI cases have recently been changed.

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This means your conviction involving an operating while intoxicated OWI offense can now be removed. And this removal or expungement comes with many benefits. Many kinds of DUI convictions are eligible, sometimes even those drunk driving convictions involving injury or death can be expunged.

What Does DUI Expungement Actually Mean?

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Yes, a DUI Michigan can be expunged (set aside). If your DUI case is not expunged, it will stay on your criminal record for life. This is true of all DUI convictions, and this means your prior criminal history can be seen by potential employers. For many people, this is one of the most serious DUI penalties. Once your record is expunged, your past DUI charges will be removed from many public records.

Stipulations do exist when looking at getting your drunk driving conviction removed from your criminal record:

  • You can only have one OWI expunged in your lifetime
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