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The chart shown below provides a quick view of the various Michigan DUI penalties. A third OWI offense in your lifetime will cause a felony Michigan 3rd OWI offense, if convicted.

This infographic shows Michigan DUI conviction penalties ranging from jail time to probation, community service hours, and driver's license suspension. Even a Michigan first DUI carries harsh sentencing even though it is most likely a misdemeanor charge.
You must officially request an administrative license suspension hearing within 14 days of your arrest date to avoid having your MI driver license suspended even before your criminal drunk driving case concludes in a criminal court.. Michigan OWI lawyer Patrick Barone -can help you file this important request by the due date.
Protect Your Right to Drive! Failing to take appropriate action within fourteen (14) days after your arrest for DUI in Michigan can cause you to lose all ability to drive in the State of Michigan.

Why not let us help you demand an administrative license suspension hearing? Obtain more legal information about saving your driver’s license NOW before it’s too late, since this filing deadline cannot be extended.

Expect to pay between four and seven thousand dollars for a Michigan driver license restoration lawyer. However, the cost of your license restoration lawyer will depend on a variety of factors. First among them is likely to be their years of experience, with a close second being their location.

Lawyers with more years of experience tend to charge higher fees because they have more expertise and therefore a better track record than lawyers who have less experience. Also, lawyers in Northern Michigan, the Upper Peninsula, and other remote areas tend to charge less. In part this is because they are not specialists. These lawyers often handle many different areas of law. But, as the saying goes, they are “masters of none.”

Biggest Mistakes Made By People Without License Restoration Lawyers

A Michigan implied consent hearing is an informal hearing where the officer that arrested you for drunk driving provides testimony to prove that you unreasonably refused a breath blood or urine test. Before we move on with a further discussion of the hearing, let’s review the concept of implied consent, and how it applies in a Michigan drunk driving case.

The Legal Fiction of Implied Consent

Both the Michigan and the United States Constitutions provide that the police can’t search you, your home or your car without a warrant. Thus, before the police may proceed with a search of your breath, blood or urine, they must first obtain a warrant. However, there are many exceptions to this warrant requirement and consent is one of them.  This is where the legal fiction of implied consent comes into play.

If you are convicted of DUI in Michigan, then your driver’s license will either be restricted, suspended, or revoked. The exact driver license sanction will depend on the nature of your DUI conviction and your prior record. Driver license sanctions for DUI range anywhere from a 90-day restricted license to a 5-year hard revocation. These sanctions are not imposed until after you are convicted. A conviction occurs when you either plead guilty to an intoxicated or impaired driving or are found guilty by a judge or jury.

The specific driver license sanction depends on the nature of your conviction, the number of prior offenses you have, and when those prior offenses occurred.  The following is a brief explanation of these driver license sanctions:

First Offense Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI)

At the Barone Defense we help people who have lost their license due to multiple drunk driving convictions, and we continue to help people get their driving privileges back even during the Governor’s shelter in place order.  According to Ryan Ramsayer, the Firm’s driver license restoration expert:

This is a difficult and stressful penalty that can affect people’s lives for year after year. However, driver license revocation in Michigan doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

When Should I Try to Get my License Back?

Reinstate License Online Michigan | Lawyers to Help Get License Back

If your license was revoked due to multiple OWI convictions, then a license revocation lawyer will help maximize the chances of getting your license back. It is possible to do it yourself, but this is not recommended.

Don’t let your prior bad experience with lawyers keep you from hiring one this time.If you want your driver license reinstated, your best chance involves hiring a Michigan license reinstatement lawyer. Here’s why:

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