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Maintaining Security Clearance After a DUI

After being charged with a DUI, there are many unknowns suddenly thrust upon an individual. Aside from any legal ramifications, potential fines, and incarceration, individual's that have a security clearance may be under added scrutiny as that clearance could potentially be in jeopardy. Depending on the type of security clearance an individual possesses, they may be held to different expectations and penalties when facing a DUI charge.

Maintaining security clearance after a DUI is of the utmost importance. Many security clearances are necessary for an individual to maintain the job they currently have, and the thought of losing both can be incredibly stressful. If you are facing this situation, it is important that you contact an experienced attorney immediately. A lawyer can help ensure that your case is handled with the strength it deserves to help eliminate any potential penalties or loss of security clearance.

Immediately after a DUI

Following a DUI charge, the impact on a security clearance very much depends on which level of security clearance the individual has, what kind of background they have, and what kind of pattern of conduct they have. There may be an investigation regarding the accused individual's security clearance depending on the information that might be obtained from their drunk driving conviction.

However, at the same time, a single drunk driving instance will likely not completely bar an individual from maintaining their security clearance. Depending on each individual's background, and whether or not their pattern of conduct jeopardized their ability to maintain or hold a security clearance, the individual may not be able to continue the employment they had at the time of the arrest.

Steps to Take

After a DUI, a person should first make sure that they have the right representation. The important thing to realize about any kind of security clearance is that it is taken away immediately after a charge. Normally, a case is fought out in court before any ramifications take place, but security clearances are usually immediately revoked. It is imperative that an individual contacts an attorney who can fight out a case effectively not only on the legal side, but with an understanding on how to either regain or maintain a security clearance after a DUI.

Further, any potential issues that could have a case removed or hidden should be addressed immediately. An individual will want to make sure they have disclosed any and all potential information that could benefit their case, as well as ensure that no problems arise. Doing this can sometimes prevent any action to be taken against an individual's security clearance in the first place.

Importance of the Level of Clearance

The type of security clearance an individual has does matter when determining whether or not they will be able to maintain that clearance. The higher level of security clearance, the more information an individual has, along with access to more places of work. At the same time, all security clearances are based on the same principles, which is that the more information an individual has, the tighter and more restrictive they are in where they can go, who they can report to, and what their background has to be.

There is going to be further checks for higher up security clearances to ensure that an individual's financial situation is in line, to make sure that their criminal background is in check, to make sure they do not have substance abuse issues or mental issues, and to make sure that they are not associated with any potential leaks. All security clearances are subject to the same guiding principles, and it is pertinent that any individual is not at risk in divulging the information they have as professionals.

Potential of Permanent Loss

One of the major issues that an individual can deal with in the aftermath of a DUI charge is permanently losing security clearance. If there is a continuing pattern of conduct, or there is an alcohol or drug issue, there can be a loss of security clearance as a result. Anytime that somebody is in a state where that they could be manipulated, or if they have any kind of addiction, they can be a liability. Until that is dealt with, they will continue to be a liability.

Losing a security clearance is not necessarily a direct result of having a drunk driving conviction, but that element will be very much considered. A DUI charge will be entered as part of an individual's pattern of continuing conduct, and will potentially require addressing some steps immediately to make sure that an individual is able to maintain their security clearance. If that cannot be done, an attorney will want to make sure that if the security clearance was lost, that the individual accused will be put in a position where they can gain it back.

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