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Types of Security Clearances

Each type of security clearance allows for a different level of access to privileged information, and the level of access an individual is granted depends on the requirements of the job that they are contracted to perform. Certain employees of the federal government may begin their careers with a Confidential level of clearance, enabling them to access information that is not available to the general public, and as they grow professionally the level of clearance that is necessary to work with information related to their duties must also become more developed. The next level of security clearance is Secret, and the most exclusive level is Top Secret.

Security clearances are issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who will be conducting the investigation into an individual that is applying to receive clearance. The FBI conducts background checks, which include making contact with family members, neighbors, and associates, in order to ensure that they fully understand who a person is before granting them any kind of clearance and access to information. Higher clearance levels correspond to more background checks, and more frequent follow-ups and reinvestigation upon being granted this access.

When a person has been charged with a DUI, their security clearance is at risk of being revoked, which puts them at greater risk of being significantly impacted by potential penalties. If you are concerned about the status of your clearance following DUI charges, our Michigan DUI lawyers can work by your side to try and lessen the penalties

Confidential Security Clearance

Obtaining a Confidential security clearance is the introduction to all levels of clearance, and is issued after successfully completing a background check conducted by the FBI. The Bureau will conduct a comprehensive check of known associates, and will run the individual's background criminal records and civil records, which include financial checks. The background investigation process is repeated time and time again for anyone who is security cleared.

Every time a person is being checked for a security clearance, it comes down to how the government wants to make sure that the person being cleared is not in a position that increases their likelihood of falling prey to people or circumstances that would jeopardize the security of the information they are privy to. The FBI wants to know of anything that could become an issue when confidential information is involved, including if a person has had major financial difficulties, or if they are harboring life-altering secrets that they would not want to get out, but could get in the way of their job performance.

Recorded substance abuse issues are a red flag for investigators, because individuals who misuse alcohol and drugs are more likely to give away secrets while impaired, which defeats the entire purpose of the clearance. For the health and safety of the individual as well as the country, the government does not want to put a person in a position with privileged access to information if they know that there is the potential for substance abuse issues.

Secret Security Clearance

They are definitely going to want to know that when somebody is issued of this level of security clearance that they are in the open and that people are not going to be able to manipulate that person and take advantage of any potential weaknesses that that person may have.

Secret security clearance is a higher level of security clearance than Confidential, and is below Top Secret. Secret security clearance allows for access to more information, and knowledge of what any of that information is, or even what it relates to, is reserved only for those with security clearances. The idea behind this being that the people who have been granted this kind of access deserved the access means that a more thorough background check must be passed.

This enhanced background check includes personal interviews with the FBI as well as FBI interviews with friends, family members, and associates. The FBI will talk to the person's neighbors and will do in-depth research regarding financial history, travel history, potential substance abuse information, and criminal background checks.

Top Secret Security Clearance

Top Secret security clearance is a requirement for those who work with information that is critically sensitive to the wellbeing of the United States, and grants these individuals access to restricted sites and information that is otherwise unspoken of. People who are cleared at the Top Secret level are the only people that are able to access the material that this clearance grants, while they are also cleared through both the Confidential and Secret levels and can access information associated with those lesser, though still very exclusive privileges.

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