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Marijuana DUI, OWI Cannabis, Michigan OWI Weed LawyerMany people ask us if you can get a DUI for being high? The answer is yes, you can get a DUI in Michigan for being high on Marijuana. If you use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, you might wonder “how do cops test for a weed DUI? Police officers will use the same kind of roadside tests used for one involving alcohol. So from this perspective there is little difference in a DUI with weed vs. alcohol.

Without getting to technical, one difference is that a DRE officer might be involved if the cops suspect marijuana impairment. Another difference is that there is currently no DUI breath test for weed.

There also is currently no legal limit for THC in the blood for DUI. However, the police will want to know your blood THC level for the DUI. This means more lawyers are being called upon to understand the complexities of forensic blood testing.

What’s the Difference Between DUI and OWI? In Michigan the most appropriate legal acronym is “OWI.” But “DUI” is still used as a more general reference to drunk driving, due to this ubiquitous abbreviation being the best-known and most widely used acronym in the United States. At Barone Defense Firm (BDF), within our law office, our Michigan criminal attorneys near me use either acronym interchangeably.

Police officers make arrests, and our DUI attorneys defend these accused Michiganders. Intoxicated driving cases are a major legal practice area for Michigan criminal defense lawyers in our state. The OWI criminal charge threatens the driving privileges of the person charged with a crime of drunken driving or drugged driving.

Not all Michigan DUI attorneys are the Best DUI lawyers. This is one major reason that our criminal lawyers in Michigan travel statewide to defend such cases for our clients.

Being arrested for drunk driving is an unexpected and often traumatic experience. Individuals charged with operating while intoxicated are often stigmatized and portrayed as an irresponsible, dangerous criminal. Many arrested Michiganders think of how this will affect their driving record, but the impact of being convicted for intoxicated driving extends far beyond that trivial concern.

The truth is that over 1000 people per day in America are faced with these motor vehicle drunk driving cases. Plus, although the acronym used in Michigan is O.W.I., no major distinctions exist between DUI vs OWI in our state. All the best driving while drunk lawyers are aware of this.

The Michigan criminal OWI defense lawyers at Barone Defense Firm offer a free lawyer consultation so you can learn how to protect your driving record and avoid going to jail or losing your job.
Which OWI attorneys near me are the Best DUI Attorneys? In the Great Lakes State, they need an OWI defense attorney who is highly knowledgeable about operating a vehicle while under the influence cases. Michigan laws broadly prohibit being in actual physical control or operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or impaired by a controlled substance.

Pleading-guilty-in-a-michigan-dui-case-300x225The legal BAC for Driving in Michigan is .08. This means that if you drink enough alcohol to reach a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath or 100 milliliters of blood, then you should not be operating a motor vehicle.

How Many Alcoholic Beverages are Needed to Reach .08 BAC?

As a very general rule of thumb, each standard drink can add .02 to your blood. This means about four standard drinks are need to raise the alcohol in your system to above the legal alcohol limit to drive.

The Best Drunk Driving Lawyers in Michigan Have One Thing in Common

Patrick Barone is well-known in Michigan as a tough criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Barone is an expert OWI lawyer who has helped hundreds of people facing the same nightmare.Patrick Barone is well-known in Michigan as a tough criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Barone is an expert OWI lawyer who has helped hundreds of people facing the same nightmare.

Expertise is the one thing the best drunk driving lawyers in Michigan have in common. Trouble is, non-lawyers can’t easily separate the best from the fakers. And fakers are takers. They take a large legal fee based on their “expertise,” then they under-perform, leaving you to pay the bill.

Michigan Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys.

The Barone Defense Firm consists of some of Michigan’s top Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers. Lead Federal Attorney Keith Corbett is a former United States Attorney. He has been practicing federal criminal law for more than 35 years. He has received numerous awards for his skillful federal practice.


Federal Criminal Defense Team

Our drunk driving defense team is often asked this question: how do I find a top-rated DUI lawyer in Michigan? For OWI Michigan charges, our lawyers for DUI in Michigan always answer this question the same way – there is only one way to find a top-rated Michigan DUI lawyer, and that is by finding one who has honestly and objectively developed the reputation for getting great results.

And there’s only one way for those facing DUI charges to do that, and that one way is the hard way. The best Michigan DUI attorneys have earned it by knowing Michigan DUI laws from every angle. That includes being willing and able to go to trial to win, and also knowing when a plea bargain is going to provide the likely best outcome.

OWI vs DUI Michigan. Do not get confused about acronyms for the criminal charge of impaired driving. Nationally, DUI is the most widely used, but in Michigan, OWI is written into our intoxicated driving statutes.

First, our OWI law firm in Michigan will answer the top 9 questions about the OWI meaning. Other than one letter, little difference between OWI and DUI exists.

A Michigan first offense OWI charge carries severe conviction penalties including jail time community service hours, court fines, and possibly job loss. Look for an OWI lawyer near me whose legal services include trial experience and plea bargaining strategies.

  1. What is OWI, in the State of Michigan? A first-offense OWI in Michigan is a crime categorized as a misdemeanor in Michigan, unless the number of offenses reached a 3rd OWI in Michigan. Our state still uses different acronyms for being over the legal limit (OUIL).
  2. What’s the difference between DUI and OWI? Each acronym stands for the same general crime, drunken driving, or drugged driving. Each state’s legislature names its laws on impaired driving or intoxicated driving. Generally, DUI is for “driving under the influence.” O.W.I. stands for operating while impaired in Michigan.

pexels-photo-1134204-300x207There are many possible legal defenses available to a child pornography attorney. An investigation for the alleged possession, distribution, or production of a photo or video containing child pornography, can lead to charges in either the State or Federal Systems. Sometimes, you can be charged in both systems.

If you’re facing charges involving this material, sometimes called CSAM in Michigan, then you will need to hire a child pornography defense lawyer to avoid prison time and Sex Offender Registration.

Who Prosecutes Child Pornography in Michigan – State or Feds?

This article (written by our homicide defense lawyers) focuses on a type of criminal homicide in the Great Lakes State. Not every homicide in our state is a first-degree homicide in Michigan, or a first-degree murder. When a driver is committing a felony crime (e.g., kidnapping), when another dies, this is called “felony murder” in Michigan.

As in most states, gradations of mental culpability gauge how much jail time can be handed down for 1st degree murder and lesser homicide crimes. Be aware that any criminally negligent homicide charge will take the skills of seasoned criminal defense attorneys near me to find the best possible resolution.

This page focuses on murder in the 2nd degree charges, which helps distinguish both 1st and 2nd degree murders. Many citizens who watch crime shows like Law and Order, are often focused on whether a death sentence is imposed in Michigan. It is not, so push that though aside.

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